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As an experienced IT outsourcing company, GEM offers to help you address your business needs, stay relevant, and take the lead.


The amount of data produced, collected, and processed has skyrocketed. The world has become data-driven, as data is now the fuel of business decisions and market shifts. However, analyzing this massive resource manually is impossible, and humans inevitably must resort to advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data. These technologies yield powerful insights such as hidden patterns and trends from a large pool of data, leading to informed decision-making. Upon recognizing their enormous value, GEM has been investing in the research and development of solutions powered by emerging technologies - specifically Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data.

What we offer

GEM has been working to perfect our AI and Big Data development services with diverse business applications.


How we work


GEM’s delivery process starts with an intensive investigation of your business challenges. Even after the delivery phase, GEM’s support persists to guarantee successful outcomes. Our process combines strong technical capabilities and an innovative toolkit with meaningful consultancy inputs from our experts.

Why us

Discover three compelling reasons to choose GEM as your IT outsourcing company.

working model

Competent IT personnel

ech-savvy professionals experienced in handling projects of all scales and various industries

working model

Extensive tech-stack

A diverse toolkit that caters to different business needs and challenges

working model

Standardized delivery process

Achieve maximum efficiency and value-optimization with our ISO-certified and CMMi-based process

Working models

GEM adapts to tasks of all scopes and scales

working process

working process

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