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Microservices represent a quite new approach to creating applications. The different parts of the development team can work concurrently on products, in an agile manner, and deliver value to your customers immediately.


As an experienced IT outsourcing company, GEM understands the challenges of scaling apps and the importance of agile solutions like Microservices. These approaches empower IT organizations to swiftly address new problems and incorporate features, fostering a DevOps culture and enabling seamless integration and constant delivery."

The enormous advantage offered by Microservice

What differentiates Microservice architecture from the traditional, monolithic approach is that it divides the system into smaller and independent features or function-based services. Each service can be implemented on a different platform and in a different language. The services run as autonomous processes and communicate with one another through APIs. Therefore, Microservice architecture makes the application development and deployment process easier to manage and scale. IT organizations, thus, can become more agile and reduce costs in terms of product development and maintenance.


Choose GEM for Microservice to unlock the simplification and agility of digital initiatives


No matter where you are in the adoption of Microservice architecture, our strategic and customer-driven solutions can be a great assistance. GEM, an experienced IT service provider, offers to help you through the architecture shift, easing your organization in the new framework with new processes and tooling. 

Why us

The excellence of GEM’s services stems from three key characteristics

working model

Competent IT personnel

Tech-savvy professionals experienced in handling projects of all scales and various industries

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Extensive tech-stack

A diverse toolkit that caters to different business needs and challenges

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Standardized delivery process

Achieve maximum efficiency and value-optimization with our ISO-certified and CMMi-based process.

Working model

GEM adapts to tasks of all scopes and scales

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