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Microservices represent a quite new approach to creating applications. The different parts of the development team can work concurrently on products, in an agile manner, and deliver value to your customers immediately.

The larger the app, the harder it is to address new problems and add new features. Therefore, flexible approaches like Microservice are gaining popularity, as they that enables IT organization to solve these issues in a responsive an timely fashion. In other words, it helps the organizations embrace the DevOps culture and make constant integration and delivery seamless and achievable.

What differentiates Microservice architecture from the traditional, monolithic approach is that it divides the system into smaller and independent features or function-based services.

Each service can be implemented on a different platform and in a different language. The services run as autonomous processes and communicate with one another through APIs.

With that said, the Microservice architecture makes the application development and deployment process easier to manage and scale. IT organizations, thus, can become more agile and reduce costs in terms of product development and maintenance.

micro service

The agile and lightweight approach offers new opportunities for business growth, but it also comes with challenges. If your current application is built on monolithic architecture, it may need to be broken down into component parts and then put back together in a microservice-based fashion.

To successfully shift to and employ Microservice architecture, businesses must expect changes not only in the way the apps work but also in the way people work. The development team now has to deal with their own set of customers and their own ways to elaborate on each unique service. Regarding the deployment process, the team needs to consider thoroughly the building, monitoring, and testing protocols to address the challenges of complexity and achieve project efficiency.

Still, Microservices can be the silver bullet that helps businesses break through the disruptive digital trends and react faster to the new market demands. Instead of being held back in the multilayer, solid system of traditional software development, the organization can extract more business value from working concurrently on the product in an agile manner.

  • Enhance business’s operational efficiency
  • Streamline continuous integration of new features to meet the market’s needs
  • Automate business decisions and processes across a complex environment
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No matter where you are in the adoption of Microservice architecture, our strategic and customer-driven solutions can be a great assistance. We offer to help you through the architecture shift, easing your organization in the new framework with new processes and tooling. 

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