Quality Assurance

Quality assurance team brings an objective perspective to a software development process. They will check for deficiencies and discrepancies in developers' code, ensuring that the process is progressing in line with requirements.


Global clients’ expectation is on the rise, as they expect high-quality, defect-free software for their business continuity. GEM’s goal is to ensure that the client’s products are error-free and aligned with customer-specified functional requirements.

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Benefit from GEM’s independent QA services for third-party applications and solutions. 

✔We integrate our domain and testing expertise to evaluate the entire process of communication, testing, and accountability.

✔Our highly skilled engineers and specialists perform validation and engineering services while adopting Agile & DevOps capabilities to support diverse business models.

You can be assured that your software products are thoroughly assessed and be released with superior quality!

From functionality to usability and security, we have got you covered!

  • Functionality Testing – validates the software system against the functional requirements/specifications
  • Usability Testing – ensure a seamless user experience; identify potential errors, confusing designs, and performance flaws
  • Performance Testing – ensure the Scalability of the products, whether your organization can extend the product to a new platform or update new features and tech stacks
  • Compatibility Testing – test your application’s full compatibility with different browsers, databases, hardware, server infrastructures, resolution displays, and devices

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