Customer Relation Management (CRM) and Email Marketing have been adopted as useful tools that help Telcos build strong customer relations while pursuing economic growth.

Our world today is undeniably digital, and businesses and service providers are transforming to stay on the line. They would need more than just a Hotline number or a stable Internet connection to function well and deliver customer satisfaction. In such a context, many telecommunications operators have expanded their offerings to keep up with ever-changing trends to meet their client’s demands and create new revenue streams. 

Telcos’ needs for sales assistance and performance

The Telecom industry serves a large number of customers. In 2021, there are 4.80 billion internet users around the world, which is almost 61% of the total global population. There are nearly 68.72 million Internet users in Vietnam and 154.4 million active mobile subscriptions in 2021, exceeding the total national population at 97.75 million. Business customers (B2B) and consumers (B2C) are the most critical segments to telecom operators. According to Gartner Market Databook, B2B and B2C segments produced $757 billion and $1300 billion, respectively, accounting for up to two-thirds of the Global ICT Market revenues in 2020.

How CRM and Email Marketing work in unison

Moreover, the market is getting more competitive when suppliers with much greater service diversity and complexity lead to higher customer demand. Particularly, in the B2B segment, the offerings can range from value-added services (security and VoIP) to direct or partnered offerings in the cloud and hosting space, professional services, and support tiers. On the customer side, individuals and households need more tailored offers that accommodate increasing requirements for working from home and in-house entertainment due to the pandemic. Therefore, Telcos need to have a clear strategy for prospecting for new clients and strengthening relationships with existing ones. And Customer Relation Management (CRM) and Email Marketing might be a winning combination to achieve that.

How CRM and Email Marketing work in unison

The power of a CRM solution lies in its ability to automate client database management which is a key process in sales, marketing, and customer care. Negotiation progress and interactions with clients on multiple touchpoints are recorded and stored safely in the ongoing business management and operations system. Account managers can easily manage and follow up with prospects and qualified deals based on products, customers, segments, etc., in the sales pipelines. The system can also provide useful metrics and analytics to capture the changes and identify untapped opportunities. Using CRM, account managers can make data-driven decisions or evaluate business strategies and operations to offer more new products and services, which resonate with prospects’ needs and interests.

How CRM and Email Marketing work in unison

While CRM provides telcos better comprehension of their consumers, email marketing could promote customer engagement by promptly spreading high-value and relevant content to subscribers. That is to get closer to customers, motivate certain targeted actions and increase their trust and brand recognition, which are incentives for grooming mutually beneficial relationships in the long run. This powerful digital platform also allows Telcos to have one-to-one interactions with consumers by offering endless ways to provide customized information.

CRM and email marketing can be adopted as stand-alone integrable applications, or they can be embedded as nifty functionality within each other to make prospect outreach successful. They can be collaborated by:

  • Synchronizing lead and customer information with other systems
  • Sending automated internal notifications, for example, scheduled calls, sending follow-up emails, or incoming requests
  • Tracking customer records and the current status of individuals in the sales funnel to identify prospects
  • Providing detailed information to create personalized email marketing campaigns

Marrying CRM and email marketing software enables both salesmen and marketers to have a centralized data hub about leads and customers and deliver personalized content:

  • A central place for audience data: The system can gather important customer information, including lifecycle stage, lead status, demographics, and progress of deals, into one database. That allows account managers to have all customer key information at their fingertips to deliver early and timely assistance. 
  • Personal correspondence: The analytical and cognitive capabilities are key for understanding customers. With the insights provided by CRM, the sales team could offer the most relevant product or service offers to prospects via highly tailored and timely email marketing campaigns. Moreover, email marketing is measurable as its 24/7 performance can be recorded and fed into the CRM system. Based on that real-time data, business development teams can measure outcomes accurately to optimize future sales and marketing activities.

The adoption of CRM and email marketing is flourishing when the telecom sector tends to put more effort into developing customer-centric business. When combined, they can create a data-driven powerhouse that presents a complete picture of customers and the market. This integration across marketing and operational strategies will help telecom companies win the top place in customers’ hearts.

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