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There has been a notable change in the way companies engage their prospects via phone calls and SMS. For businesses to tailor their marketing tactics accordingly, SIP Trunking and Voice Brandname are the powerful tools they need.

Why SIP Trunking and Voice Brandname?

Most executives are now fully aware of customer engagement’s importance. However, bombarding clients with calls, texts, or dull advertisements is no longer effective. Marketing is a complicated game, law-wise and strategy-wise. Nowadays, such approaches are obsolete, if not counter-productive. This method makes them feel annoyed and bothered. Simultaneously, companies will have no focus when investing in different channels and touchpoints, wasting their resources.

Moreover, the need for companies to change their strategies stems from legal requirements. Vietnam has been vigorous about protecting its citizens from spamming activities. The latest example is the release of Decree 91/2020/ND-CP on fighting spam messages, spam emails, and spam calls.

As stated in the Decree, businesses are only allowed to send advertising text messages and make advertising calls after being granted the brand name. Using a telephone number to advertise is prohibited. And customers can inform the telecommunication providers whether the caller is a spammer. The Decree has established unprecedentedly strong measures to combat spamming activities. Therefore, it urges companies to find a more proper method for reaching target customers.

In such a context, many businesses have considered investing in SIP Trunking and Voice brand name. These two emerging technologies can team up to enhance their marketing game in terms of efficiency and legal compliance. SIP Trunk promotes a uniform, affordable, customer-centric approach to marketing. And voice brand name ensures the legally required level of transparency for businesses.

SIP Trunking

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking is operating phone systems over the Internet instead of a traditional phone line. Businesses can initiate and receive calls from different devices via the “trunk” – the Internet. In other words, it is the virtual version of an analog phone line. It allows users to send unified communications services such as voice signals or telephone calls over the Internet.

a diagram of how SIP Trunking works
Image Source: 3CX

SIP Trunking promises an almost immediate ROI. It enhances the delivery of their services in a more sustainable and cost-efficient manner. Virtual call centers, with SIP Trunking, can expect quick and uniform delivery of customer care, surveys, or advertising calls.

The price for using SIP Trunking will be far more reasonable than conventional landlines, even for long-distance and international calls. Users can make outbound calls over the Internet without any restrictions regarding the number of concurrent calls. Switching to SIP Trunking removes the external risk on physical telephone lines, such as weather, power failure, etc.

Besides, this technology provides a centralized network that incorporates both data and telephone voice networks. So it may end the need to pay for two separate services. Lastly, SIP Trunking facilitates multiple digital streaming capabilities that are scalable and require no physical infrastructure, resulting in low maintenance or hardware costs.

In short, SIP Trunking helps eliminate the struggle with complicated monthly phone bills, costly long-distance calls, or an unexpectedly damaged phone line. It increases the quality of a company’s marketing activities while decreasing the associated cost and risks.

Voice Brand Name

Voice brand name is a service that shows the caller’s brand name instead of their phone number. It was introduced in response to the abovementioned decree released by the Vietnamese government on preventing spamming activities.

 a person holding a phone to use voice brandname service

Voice Brandname is a recommended feature for businesses in almost all fields, including banking, finance, education, transportation, tourism, etc.

One of the most significant advantages of using Voice Brandname is increasing brand awareness and reliability among their target audience. To sign up for this service, a company must have its information verified. Therefore, customers will feel more assured when receiving calls featuring Voice Brand Name. The rate of received calls among current and prospective customers will increase. And ultimately, businesses can expect a boosted performance in their marketing activities.

Another benefit of this technology is cost-saving. A lot of businesses purchase expensive special phone numbers for remaining recognizable. With Voice Brand Name, it is no longer necessary to do so. This service ensures the customers acknowledge the brand, even if they have not known or purchased from the company.

SIP Trunking and Voice Brand name as a dynamic duo

Businesses should bear in mind the possibility of using the two technologies as a winning combination. To be more specific, most Voice Brandname providers allow users to register with their SIP Trunks, including the current hotlines. This means businesses don’t need to undergo major changes (such as switching to a new number) for the sake of following the rules and optimizing their engagement strategy.

a business using SIP Trunking and Voice Brandname to operate

In today’s world, communication is the lifeline of businesses. The effective application of SIP Trunking and Voice Brandname will create a legal, highly integrated communication strategy that implies a major change in how companies distribute information and deliver services.